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Pre-buy Engine Helicopter Inspections

We understand that making a bad acquisition can be costly. That's why ETI offers inspection services to help you make the best decision and protect your investment.

When we perform a pre-buy inspection, we visit the source and verify the equipment's general condition. We also perform a thorough inspection, which includes disassembly or removal of parts blocking access to the completion of a proper investigation.

We highly recommend that when you purchase a time-continued serviceable engine, you make the purchase subject to an engine shop’s inspection report. This can save you thousands of dollars in parts and rework replacements.


  • Pre-buy inspections available for a single module, engine, or a complete helicopter
  • Assessment for serviceability, current mod status and Commercial Engine Bulletins (CEBs)
  • Detailed report with clear findings
  • Possibility of referrals to companies with other capabilities, such as airframe